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In the dizzying blur of mass information, we are a focusing lens. We provide industry leading market research services and consultancy with decades of experience.

5 Food Refill Trends for 2022

What are the barriers to consumers buying more refillable food products?

Consumers are worried about sustainability. With the high-profile COP26, the release of the recent IPCC climate change report, and regular news stories with climate warnings from scientists, the urgent need for action can’t be ignored.

Online vs. Offline Packaging Research

How To Determine Which One You Need: A Best Practices Guide.
As the ability to conduct online research continues to improve, our clients often ask us how they should determine if packaging research should be done online or in-person.

Sales of Plant-Based Food Products Are Slipping Worldwide. Make Sure Yours Don’t.

Get the latest plant-based behavioral, retail, social, and market insights to make your plant-based products a success.
Since 2020, the number of vegan products available to consumers has increased by 23%. But after huge growth, sales of plant-based products have plateaued or dipped.

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We provide behavioral consultancy in 3 areas of expertise.



We are world leaders in packaging optimization & evaluation: maximize packaging performance through effective screening, development and validation.


Omnichannel & shopper activation

From omnishopper journey exploration & behavior understanding to in-context evaluation of your shopper activation (shelf layout, POSM)


New product development

In post-TV age, package is #1 touchpoint for new products. Don’t hide too long behind a rational concept. Execute early, break silos and go more holistic sooner in the process.

We evaluate the pack, concept and product.

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Decades of experience in observing shoppers and consumers has helped our clients drive better business outcomes.

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