AI Pack Screener

Is an early-stage packaging design screening tool that offers a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to deliver accurate results and insights rooted in real shopper behavior.

Core benefits of AI Pack Screener 2.0:

Behavioral Science

Robust Algorithm trained by over 30,000 records of behavioural consumer data, with indicative KPIs for in-market sales.


Combining AI with image recognition technology, this agile new feature accurate prediction of on-shelf visibility and pack viewing patterns.

Robust and agile understanding of their on-shelf performance confirmed by extensive parallel testing with PRS IN VIVO Eye Tracking.

The Human Advantage

PRS IN VIVO expert assessment overcome the limitations of AI, offering a holistic perspective and integrate dimensions and strategies.

Visceral Sprint:

A fully automated survey for rapid design exposure, capturing visceral shopper reactions.

Combined with focused, automated reporting for highly actionable insights delivered at speed.

Holistic & Actionable

Integration of specific probes tailored to your design objectives and overall brand positioning.

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