AI Pack Sprint

The AI Pack Sprint is the only tool of its kind to combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Expertise for agile and confident packaging design screening.

Core benefits of AI Pack Sprint:

Rooted in Consumer Behavior

Our advanced algorithm enables the most agile design screening, accurately determining success probability rates across key KPIs, based on over 30.000 records of behavioural consumer data


Combining AI with image recognition technology, this agile new feature accurate prediction of on-shelf visibility and pack viewing patterns.

Robust and agile understanding of their on-shelf performance confirmed by extensive parallel testing with PRS IN VIVO Eye Tracking.

The Human Advantage

The success of packaging designs depends on context and individual objectives: PRS IN VIVO Experts review each design systematically, integrating core components of our world-leading, proprietary pack assessment approach

Holistic & Actionable

Rooted in 50+ years experience, our strategic Expert feedback provides a holistic perspective, integrating key components specific to each brand’s positioning, strategy and design objectives.

Key Benefits:

In as little as 48 hours, we provide the speed and confidence to screen down a range of packaging design routes enabling your teams to move from A to B with agility and confidence.

Screening pack designs earlier in the process significantly improves your chances of in-market success.

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