PRS IN VIVO Luxury brings cutting-edge worldwide behavioral knowledge to Luxury clients across all touchpoints of the customer journey – for better decision making.

For 40 years, we have specialized in Behavioral research areas including Retail, Package & Product Experience – leveraging the most recent learnings from Behavioral Sciences showing that the memorability of an experience is largely based on how people feel at critical moments.

This background enables our team of experts to offer a range of services helping Luxury brand to succeed in a customer centric model where emotions, context & social norms are primary influencers.

We offer consulting, evaluation & path forward services leveraging a truly behavioral framework to support Luxury brands in the development of outstanding experiences in the following areas: Customer Experience, Retail & Pack Design, & Product Experience.

Our services rely on pragmatic approaches & innovative techniques – such Mobile Eye-Tracking, Connected Emotional Bracelet and a blueprint for creating EPIC experiences that drive memorable moments and business growth

PRS IN VIVO Luxury is a trusted partner of the Luxury industry as a member of the Think Tank “Centre de la Creation & du Luxe” & through collaborations with key players.