Omni Pulse is an immersive behavioral consultancy providing bespoke, staged solutions for Omni Channel success. Understand how to interrupt and influence consumers during their key path-to-purchase moments.

Facets of the research can include:

Step 1 - Discovery
Immerse yourself into your consumers’ omni-channel path and experience.
Retail Observations
Behavioral Sprint
P2P Mapping
Map the Path-to-Purchase with our best-in-class 360 Data, Big Data and Thick Data.
Clickstream and Social Listening
Survey Data and Personal Journeys
Behavioral strategies
Develop behavioral strategies for omni-channel success.
E-tailer Audit
NudgeLab Workshop

In Partnership with BVA Nudge Unit

Partnering with the BVA Nudge Unit allows OmniPulse to be more actionable than ever before. Create real life activations, using behavioural science to drive omni channel purchases.

NudgeLab Workshops to review the key moments of the Path-to-Purchase to co-create behavioral strategies to drive your sales