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The historic market research pioneer reborn with new purpose

In 1970, BVA Group formed their fledgling market research agency in France. Just a couple of years later, on the other side of the world, PRS was born. Today, two titans of our industry are united in purpose. We are interpreters who see through mass data to illuminate human behavior.

Today, two titans of our industry unite.

Behavior never lies

We live in an overwhelming data landscape. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to access. But predicting human behavior has barely improved. And now, our industry is facing real costs.

Behavior is our business

Smart organizations know there’s no data substitute for real human behavior. That’s why, at PRS IN VIVO, we’ve made behavior our business. Because it never lies. And when you understand that truth, everything becomes clear. You gain clarity and confidence in every decision you make.

We call this The Human Advantage™. Partnered with our passion for innovation and our focus on growth, we help clients see through to the future with confidence.

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