Innovation has always been driven by two principles – our efforts are grounded in Behavioral Science in order to identify the ways consumers really make decisions and our focus on providing value through outcomes that drive our clients’ business growth.

Our innovation process is fueled by the passion, energy and boundless curiosity of our associates to learn, evolve and stay ahead of a rapidly changing retail environment.

​Critical to the process is being able to consistently identify innovative tools and technologies that drive continuous service improvements that result in a significant competitive advantage for our clients.

​We use a laboratory approach to assess new technology. We experiment, we trial, and when we are sure we have a significant value addition, we leverage it for our clients’ benefit.  We use our own Shopper Labs as the ultimate testing ground for understanding shopper context.

​Whether it’s enhanced eye tracking technology, the application of AI and machine learning to our extensive database, or embedding biometric feedback into our research process, we only embrace innovation that leads to greater efficiencies, deeper insights, and new discoveries.

Our Root

Behavioral Science Framework

Behavioral Science has been at the core of what we know drives consumer choices and shapes shopper experiences. By including a behavioral framework in the foundation of all our research our clients power their growth by building more successful products that win in the digital cart and on the shelf. 

Our Focus

Growth Focus​

We focus on helping manufacturers build strong relationships between their brands and consumers through insights that deliver business outcomes and fuel growth.

We believe that companies are stronger if they recognize this connection and embed Behavioral Science into their own processes, insights organizations and product development scenarios.  But most clients still struggle in applying behavioral science and are diluting their ability to maximize growth.  We can help.​

As trusted advisors we provide consultative guidance to help stimulate adoption of a behavioral framework across the organization as well as ensure research results are behaviorally predictive and illuminating.

Based on our expertise in Behavioral Science, the incorporation of innovative technologies and our world class team of associates, we provide trusted, proven and innovative results that work for our clients regardless of their budget or time constraints. Providing real life outcomes for our clients.