Pack Check

Pack Check provides fast & flexible insights to effortlessly validate packaging design ideas and specific business questions within days​.

PRS IN VIVO Pack Check Offers:​​​

Behavioral science

Comprehensive methodology grounded in behavioral science to evaluate packaging designs on shelf and up-close.

Evaluate designs within the most relevant retail context.

Visceral and cerebral evaluation of designs.

P2P automated dashboard reporting

Unique blend of Automated Dashboard Reporting and PRS IN VIVO Expertise, resulting in clear recommendations and guidance on potential optimizations​.

Automated dashboard reporting.

Clear recommendations provided on optimizations.

E-commerce Pack Check

E-commerce Pack Check is also available to allow for validation within online context​.

Validation within online context.

Tiered pricing options for validation.

A tiered pricing model delivers maximum flexibility and “fit for purpose” options:​​

  • PackCheck Core: Fully standardized, starting from just 3 Days

  • PackCheck Plus: Limited customization, starting from just 5 Days

  • PackCheck 360: Fully customizable, starting from just 10 Days

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