Pack Check

PackCheck provides fast & flexible insights to effortlessly validate packaging design ideas and specific business questions within days​.

A tiered pricing model delivers maximum flexibility and “fit for purpose” options:​

  • PackCheck Core: Fully standardized, starting from just 3 Days & 4,000$ per Design

  • PackCheck Plus: Limited customization, starting from just 5 Days & 6,000$ per Design

  • PackCheck 360: Fully customizable, starting from just 10 Days & 9,000$ per Design

PRS IN VIVO PackCheck Offers:​​​

Behavioral Science
Comprehensive Methodology Grounded in Behavioral Science to evaluate pack designs on shelf and up-close 
Automated Dashboard Reporting
Unique blend of Automated Dashboard Reporting and PRS IN VIVO Expertise, resulting in clear recommendations and guidance on potential optimizations​
eCommerce PackCheck
eCommerce PackCheck is also available to allow for validation within online context​