Product Experience

Consumers make choices based on product promise, often conveyed through the package and product usage can either confirm their expectations or lead to disappointment. This emotional response to their experience will drive the decision for repeat purchase.

Emotion is instinctive, and while it plays a role in all three moments of truth, it most strongly impacts the Second Moment of Truth, when the consumer experiences the product after purchase. It is a measure of satisfaction with the product and directly affects the decision to re-purchase, and therefore, drives brand growth.

Get closer to the moment of truth

Zero moment of truth

When considering making a purchase.

Get closer to moment of interaction.

Deep brand affiliation.

First moment of truth

Giving you access to moment a consumer chooses a product over the other competitors offerings, when examining the product in store or online.

Digital grid.


Second moment of truth

When a customer purchases a product and experiences its quality as per the promise of the brand.

Access moments for future purchases.

Build the future moments.

360-degree view of the role emotion

We have chosen a non-intrusive biometric technology to measure emotion and to quantify its effect in the decision process. ​

Our unique expertise in the principles of behavioral science coupled with this innovative technology allows us to provide a 360 degree view of the role emotion plays in the choice process often revealing hidden insights into product experience. ​

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