PRS IN VIVO unveils new “Behavior First” brand identity

The market research leader sought a rejuvenated and modern identity to reinforce its pioneering roots in behavioral science

PRS IN VIVO, the world’s leading research consultancy in packaging, shopper experience and new products, today announces the launch of a refreshed brand identity, developed in partnership with international design consultancy, Elmwood

Breaking corporate conventions of branding in the research field, PRS IN VIVO’s new identity was designed to make it look and feel like a modern brand while also capturing the company’s legacy as a pioneer in Behavior First market research. Led by co-CEOs Karen Gombault and Olivier Blanchet, PRS IN VIVO works with many of the largest global retail and FMCG brands, applying sophisticated behavioral science, advanced biometrics and AI/machine learning to help them understand, predict and influence consumer choice.

Over the last decade, market research has been heavily impacted by digital technologies. While this has made gathering consumer insights faster and easier, it has also made the amount of data feel overwhelming to organizations often lacking the infrastructure and expertise to interrogate and truly understand it. By combining decades of experience in behavioral science with the latest digital research techniques, PRS IN VIVO helps companies see through all that data to gain a deeper understanding of authentic consumer behavior. They call this approach “The Human Advantage™”

“PRS IN VIVO has been unlocking the potential of behavioral science in market research for decades,” said Olivier Blanchet, co-CEO at PRS IN VIVO. “While much of the research world has focused on providing cheap and quick data to brands, we have always prioritized the need to go deeper and empower companies with real shopper insights.”

PRS IN VIVO’s new brand embodies these qualities. It dynamically forms a focusing lens that gives clarity to a circular cluster of dots, representing the company’s ability to see through complexity and provide clear direction in a world of messy data. The vibrant color palette and style guide encapsulate the diversity of people and the company’s rich behavioral knowledge, while two new typefaces balance humanity and elegance with future-facing innovation and precision.

“The beauty of working with Elmwood was that they quickly homed in on our pioneering roots as a springboard for challenging the cold and corporate look and feel of branding in our industry,” said Matt Michaud, Chief Creative Officer at PRS IN VIVO. “They did what they do best: pushed us to be bold and go further. I think the results really speak for themselves.”

“There are very few, if any, companies in research today that look and act like a modern brand,” said Greg Taylor, Chief Provocation Officer at Elmwood. “PRS IN VIVO’s new identity challenges this convention, bringing the world of brand to the world of insight, and perfectly capturing their ability to bridge the tension between automation and human experience.”

About PRS IN VIVO Group

PRS IN VIVO Group (a BVA Group Company) is a global shopper and product experience consultancy with offices in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Shanghai, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Singapore, working in over 50 countries around the world. We specialize in the application of behavioral science to help companies predict and influence consumer choice and drive brand growth.

We conduct consumer research right across the globe, utilizing best in class technology to draw on our decades of experience, our category and product expertise, and our behavioral framework, to help clients improve their brand and product marketing, and achieve better business outcomes.

We are dedicated to helping clients succeed through the passion and engagement of our teams, our commitment to partnership, and our trusted, proven, innovative and agile solutions.

About Elmwood

Elmwood is a global design consultancy working locally in London, New York and Singapore. We have over 30 years of experience and our clients include GSK, Heineken, Danone and Mars. We believe tension is at the heart of powerful brands. We harness its energy—turning its potential into transformative design.

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