Activation LAB™

Activation LAB™ tests your activation ideas by observing shopper’s actual behavior to validate the impact of retail marketing decisions before going to market​.

The Activation LAB™:

Observe Behavior

We offer multiple in-context Activation Labs™ to help you test and evaluate using a behavior first and System 1 approach in the most realistic setting. Combining mobile eye tracking with actual behavior we can provide highly predictive results. We will help you decide which is best.

Retail Labs™

Virtual Stores

Online Stores

Real Stores

Considered Responses

After observing shopping behavior, we re-engage shoppers for a deeper understanding of the shopping decisions, interests, motivations, occasions and barriers.


In-depth Interviews

Shopper Walk-backs

Evaluation and Recommendation

Activation Lab™ enables our expert teams to combine observation and evaluation of real shopping behavior with decades of experience to make informed recommendations across a variety of activation decisions.

Planograms, POSM and Product Placement

Pricing, Displays and Digital Tactics

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