Shopper DNA™

Our Shopper DNA™ process provides a map of the path to purchase identifying critical touchpoints and activation ideas​.

Facets of the

research include:


We will undertake a program of primary research tailored to your needs to understand current shopping behavior, need states, and influences.

Exploratory Retail Observations and

E-Tailer Audits


From shopper understanding, we'll create a shopper path to purchase and identify the different opportunities that exist along the shopper journey.

Big Data - Digital behavior analytics & social listening

360 Data - Single-source data of in-store & online shopping behaviors and habits

Thick Data - Personal journeys & ethnographies


We will use this path-to-purchase map as a starting point and facilitate a workshop with key Client stakeholders to generate potential activation ideas that are grounded in the opportunities identified.​

Co-create behavioral strategies and drive your sales.

Award-winning NudgeLab™ activation with our sister agency Nudge Consultancy

In partnership with

BVA Nudge Unit

Partnering with the BVA Nudge Unit allows Shopper DNA™ to be more actionable than ever before. Create real life activations, using behavioral science to drive omnichannel purchases.

NudgeLab™ Workshops to review the key moments of the Path-to-Purchase to co-create behavioral strategies to drive your sales.

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