Shopper Pulse

Agile optimization and validation of in-store marketing by combining a proven behavioral framework and fully immersive technology that simulates the in-store shopper experience.

PRS IN VIVO Shopper Pulse offers:

Best-in-class digital solutions

For the most authentic context across retail categories.

Convenience and drug store

Mass and grocery

A modular approach

To add flexibility and provide fit for purpose solutions. For a crystal clear understanding of purchase drivers.

Concise summaries

Actionable recommendations

Shopper behaviors

Explore further and understand shopper behaviors through carefully designed and market proven deep dive modules, including:

Planograms and POSM

Pricing and free standing displays (FSTDs)

A Shopper Pulse study

Contact us now to set up your next Shopper Pulse study and get actionable results in 10 days.

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