We provide behavioral consultancy in 3 areas of expertise.


& Shopper Activation

Shopper behavior is changing rapidly. Touchpoints are everywhere and many channels are a potential path to purchase. PRS IN VIVO combines real shopper insights with expert behavioral science consulting to provide actionable activations for shopper success.

See through multiple brand touchpoints and influence omnichannel behavior.

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See through shopper activation strategies with best-in-class virtual store simulations.

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We are proud to serve as trusted advisers to the world’s largest manufacturers as well as upstart newcomers, providing best in class advisory services across all phases of their packaging development with the goal of improving business outcomes.

Our experience researching over 30,000 packaging and shelf designs, coupled with our expertise in the art and science of packaging development, allows us to predict packaging performance in all retail channels, helping you optimize the factors that can effectively drive your brand growth.

See through a number of packaging design routes via our unique blend of human and artificial intelligence.

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See through shopper strategies in our best-in-class shopper facilities.

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See through shopper reactions and effortlessly validate your packaging design ideas, rooted in Behavioral Science principles.

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New Product Development

We believe that the best way to screen and validate concepts for new products is to present them to consumers in the context of how they would experience them in a shopping environment. In context, on a shelf, even presented with an early rendering of a pack.

We utilize a proven behavioral framework in New Product Development (NPD) research, which allows brands to test new product concepts in the competitive context of the pack, the shelf and the shopping experience, as well as the usage context in the home, earlier in the NPD process, to produce research results that drive higher success rates and greater brand growth.

See through consumer’s reactions to a product experience at early stage or final validation, also connecting the product to the concept for a higher efficiency.

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See through new products with highest market potential, at early stage or final validation.

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